The Merry Group will continue to innovate and grow.
The Merry Group will continue to innovate and grow.

Group Introduction

Merry Group's business policy is based on the pursuit of health and beauty, and its logo features a white dove spreading its wings to the blue sky and glowing with light.

The dove represents the hope of joy, and its flying wings are a symbol of creativity and the pursuit of excellence. The blue oval signifies the future and a global outlook. The light embodies hope.

Based on this motif, Merry Group is like a dove flying high on its wings, symbolizing ongoing growth and improvement, the pursuit of truth, goodness and beauty, and the determination to explore new fields and join hands for the future. The standard color is noble blue, which signifies endless life and steady business.


Master in aesthetics Huang Ma-li, a talented woman in the eyes of the media

“Change leads to rebirth.” Chairman Huang Ma-li is a devout Christian. She rises at 3.30am, before dawn, to read the Bible in the morning and has been doing so for over a decade.

Chairman Huang emphasizes that there are two key points to success, one is market segmentation and the other is focus. The former is to identify the target, which used to be hair and beauty, but now it is following the trend of the times to set up a spa parlor and create brands.

In fact, you don't have to be a boss to be an entrepreneur. If you do a good job in your work, that is also a kind of entrepreneurship. What you create is a supervisory position, whatever your rank is. As long as you do it well, that is entrepreneurship.

Distributor Brands

Established in 1981, the Merry Hair Salon was a crucial factor that pushed Huang Ma-li to become an aesthetic master. Every day, she came into contact with countless customers and learned about the various pressures from different occupations and ages, which in turn lead to many ailments of various sizes, such as insomnia, being out of shape, dull skin, abnormal scalp and many other problems, which are mostly caused by irregular diet and sedentary lifestyle that result from work stress and family responsibilities.

Product Brands

Huang began to devote herself to the field of beauty and health, slimming courses and scalp conditioning by staring business with a hair salon, the Merry Spa parlor, Siylva, Genpel, and the pioneering scalp conditioning program in Taiwan in recent years, by developing products targeting from head to toe for the unhealthy lifestyle of modern people, and by refining hair styling techniques and introducing and developing health supplements and beauty products.

Modern life is riddled with chemicals and artificial compounds, so all the products or courses developed by Huang Ma-li are based on a natural and toxin-free approach to protect your health and beauty.