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Founded in 1981, Merry Hair & Beauty marked the most exciting beginning of Merry Group's self-created brands, with up to 200 brides styled in one store a day, and two of the three Golden Horse Award nominees styled at Merry, which is how Merry Group's aesthetic creativity has grown to influence the market.

Founder Huang Ma-li, who has a flair for aesthetics, not only has created a special niche for Merry Group, but also won many accolades, most notably, judge for the 1991 Miss ROC Beauty Contest, judge for the Miss World Model Competition in France, the 1999 ROC Entrepreneurship Model, the 2000 Female Entrepreneurship Model, and the ROC Outstanding Enterprise Manager Award, thus becoming a role model for women entrepreneurs!

The Merry Spa parlor opened in 2001, and the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the parlor by superstar Cherie Chung, who was popular on China, Hong Kong and Taiwan at the time, created a sensation in the Asian spa scene, leading the traditional spa industry to a more sophisticated and high-end level, and representing a new enhancement of the diversified quality of the Merry brand.

The important concept of a hair spa is that the scalp and face are one and the same skin. The development of scalp products incorporates the latest breakthroughs in beauty treatment, "not only is it refreshing, but it is also an enjoyment for the mind, body and soul, allowing the customer to feel completely pampered and satisfied, which is why it is loved and praised by many of the top overseas VIPs in Asia.

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