Beauty is the first priority, naturalness is the only demand

In 2003, Merry set a milestone in the "beauty and health" business. In recent years, the development of biotechnology has become a cutting-edge trend. Well aware of the effects of aging on women, Chairman Huang Ma-li has begun to concentrate on the R&D of biotech products by insisting on the goal of health and beauty and the idea of not adding unnecessary harmful substances, and using pure and natural ingredients to produce effective and safe care products. With the spirit of keeping up with the times, she has initiated channel management, media PR and integrated marketing. In her continuous innovation and hard work, she has achieved many successes in the biotech beauty market, and her "Genpel Health and Beauty Series" products, such as Royal Abeille Youth Firming Capsule, Eye Cream and Royal Jelly Essence, have been well received and recommended by word-of-mouth.

Combining the industry-government-university-institute-business excellent cycle in Taiwan's bee industry, we are promoting the marketing of our bee industry in tandem, in the hope of creating a positive linkage between the interests of the industry and the best example of upgrading the industry for the common good. With our unique experience, we bring together the excellent production of bee farmers to create the characteristics, advantages, and benefits of Taiwan's bee farming industry, and once again create a higher peak of the bee beauty care product trend in Taiwan, with a view to bringing a new generation of consumers, bee farmers, and distributors to an all-win situation.