50 years of natural formulas + 40 years of hair care expertise in Taiwan

Cherir has invited 12 of the world's leading medical doctors, biologists, bacteriologists and dermatologists to develop a range of natural hair care products after years of research and experimentation.

Cherir's unique and precious ingredient, Acqua Dorato, is extracted from a natural and pure spring in the mountains of Italy and is combined with natural botanical extracts to form the main ingredient in Cherir's hair and scalp care range. Through Cherir's top team, we have created a professional level hair and scalp course with in-depth analysis of hair and scalp problems, prepared personalized formulas, and carefully planned service processes for professionalism and effectiveness.

Merry founder Huang Ma-li upholds the spirit of professionalism and merges the essence of the top international health industry, in the hope that people can receive natural and pure formulas without toxicity and exclusive scalp aromatherapy techniques. Meanwhile, Huang found that the stress on the head of today's population has led to a serious and growing risk to the health of the scalp. As a result, Merry has gathered the wisdom of 40 years of practical experience in the management of precision technology, and worked with 12 of Italy's top dermatology, biology and bacteriology doctors and academics in creating the "Cherir Hair Care Brand," in addition to other collaborations ranging from formulation to technology.

Cherir" contains natural botanical extracts from local, non-toxic, alpine plants and Acqua Dorato, exclusive Italian golden energy spring water, which allows for a perfect combination of these two high quality elements to create a complete "Cherir Hair Professional Management" and an application of a superb intelligent care system that renews and nourishes the scalp and makes hair strong, fluffy and natural.