Cherir Hair & Scalp

Advanced hair and scalp conditioning from Italy

Cherir was born in Toscana, a sunny, temperate, cedar-lined region. In 1971, a local biologist and a doctor from the University of Pisa recognized that modern hair care was mostly limited to the maintenance of hair health, but not the scalp, which is the root cause of hair health, and thus invited 12 global experts in dermatology and biology to create, after years of research and experimentation, a series of hair and scalp advanced conditioning products extracted from the natural active ingredients of the precious local plant officinali and a variety of natural botanical complexes and essential oils, with the world's unique Italian mountain spring water Acqua Dorato as the main energy ingredient.

Youth spring water Acqua Dorato

Acqua Dorato, also known as golden spring water, originates from the village of Uliveto in Toscana. Golden spring water has long been regarded by Italians as a natural beverage and skin care product, as it, present in the ground for more than 50 years, is rich in precious minerals such as potassium, lithium, nitrogen, sodium, sulfur, calcium, bicarbonate and vitamins A, D and E, and coupled with a pH value of 6.2, it is beneficial to the skin and hair, both when consumed and applied externally.

About Cherir

As hair and scalp problems are becoming more and more prevalent and even found in younger people, Merry Group Chairman Huang Ma-li, who has dedicated herself to hair and scalp care, has been constantly researching and developing ways to improve hair and scalp problems and to enhance the health and wellness of consumers' hair and scalp. It was with this in mind that she officially introduced Cherir, an international hair care brand, to Taiwan.

Cherir combines professional technique R&D, natural and pure quality products, and energetic care planning to enhance scalp health and care, and whether in the physical aspect of professional techniques or psychological level of relief and care, it can proffer the most professional and comprehensive course services, hoping to bring you better scalp health management.

More and more people are suffering from stress-induced hair and scalp problems, and in order to improve such problems, Cherir not only focuses on this part in its care program, but also takes great care on the premises. In contrast to the cool tone, Cherir's space is refined and warm, with wood elements throughout the space, the scent of fresh essential oils wafting through the air, soft music in the ears, lush foliage and greenery in the garden, and a comfortable and enclosed VIP room, so that customers’ feelings and privacy can be respected and cared for. Cherir offers its customers a cozy environment in which to enjoy their hair and scalp care without the burden of physical and psychological stress.