SPA Institute

1. Education and Training System Development
  • Business Philosophy,
    Management Policy
  • Medium & Long-term Business Plan
  • Personnel Policy
    Talent Development System
  • Education & Training Policy
    Education & Training System
  • Annual Education & Training Programs
  • Individual Education & Training Programs
2. Training Delivery Models
Model Purposes and Features
Training by Level The aim is to improve and strengthen the quality of human resources at all levels of the company, with a focus on training for new recruits and managers.
Functional Training Training is provided to solve the problems faced by the field and organizational departments, including basic and specialized training and problem solving courses.
Topic-specific training Training on the issues faced by the company or on site and on issues to be expected.
Self-development The program is designed to assist personnel in their self-development by sending them for training outside the company, spiritual development courses and further studies at schools at home or abroad.